Cynthia Walburn was born in Southern California and grew up in South Florida. Her paintings incorporate physical and spiritual qualities of light and water. For over 3 decades Cynthia’s practice of contemplative  prayer and meditation has been a major influence in her paintings and life work to inspire the built environment. Ms. Walburn’s  artwork is included in significant private and corporate collections as well as hospitality and healthcare environments. Her work can be seen in the collections of  PNC Global Headquarters in Pittsburg, The Center for Action and Contemplation in Albuquerque, Everbank Corporate Offices in Jacksonville, Florida, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Florida and a 12 canvas two story commission at the Baptist Hospital heart wing in downtown Jacksonville to name just a few.

She holds a Bachelors of Design with an art history minor, and a Masters of Architectural Studies from the University of Florida. Her home and studio are in Saint Augustine.


I consider my work to be transcendent impressionism. My paintings are a  form of meditation for me and evolve from a process of seeking of inner solace. Most people describe my work as tranquil and ethereal. My desire is to engage the viewer in an experience of calm and lack of gravity. With the horizon line intentionally absent from my work the perception of weightlessness js enhanced . Large paintings are my specialization and they impact the physical environment and atmosphere of a place in a powerful way.

Cynthia Walburn